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Friends Range Info (Walk-in Only)

1. Price per Player

50 Minutes per Lesson



Time Limit

Validity Period



60 Minutes


2. Friends Range General Information

• Total of 7 Driving Range (Right-handed players only)

• Where you can truly unleash your full potential through our fully tailor-made training programs with our professional coaches. All bays have been installed with the best and most advanced systems which can provide you with clear and accurate datas, and even track records of your progress. You can also have

practice by yourself, using our convenient and user-friendly facilities.

• Walk-in Only


3. Friends Range Operating Hours

Monday ~ Sunday

09:00AM ~ 00:00AM

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Friends Golf

Established in June 2021, we are here to not only provide you with facilities where you can have Golf Course Games with your buddy, but you can also come on down to Friends Golf Singapore and perfect your swing at our Friends Range (Driving Range) facilities!